Drinking Glasses For Any Occasion

By Claire Brown

When showing your guests the proper courtesy and respect they deserve, it is important to provide them with the right drinking glass for the right drink. Looking for the right variety is a great way to fill your kitchen cabinets with just the right ones when purchasing them. You should have plenty of water glasses on hand, as these are the most frequently used. So many various sizes are available, too.

You can use glasses for drinking water on a daily basis, but there are other types that are used only on special occasions. One of those would include the type of fine crystal that graces your table during special events. This is not the type of glassware that you would store in your kitchen cupboards. These glasses would be the ones you keep safe in the china cabinet. Fine crystal is rather fragile and can be easily broken. They should be washed by hand, very carefully, and never placed in a dishwasher.

Buying a variety of drink glasses doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg. There are many attractive and inexpensive glasses out there. These include not only water and juice glasses, but wine, cocktail and martini glasses as well. You can also use the same glass for different purposes. For example, larger water glasses can also be used for beer -- unless you prefer beer mugs or steins instead.

Special drinking classes are also available for all your favorite hard alcohol cocktails, too. They are not very big glasses, usually with a volume capacity of anyway from one to four ounces, and often having a stem. They can also be found without the stem, too. A sandstone coaster is an excellent way to accent these glasses.

For margaritas, pick a style that has a wide, bell-shaped bowl. Cone-shaped glasses are best for martinis. The footed stems on these glasses offer better stability and are easier to grip. Used for a variety of drinks, tumblers and highballs often describe any glass that doesn't have a stem. - 31805

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