How the Vinturi Wine Aerator Can Change the Taste and Smell of Your Wine

By Camille Broughton

Are you somebody who loves to drink wine? Folks who love wine are especially picky about what the beverage, the way it smells and how it tastes. This is the reason wine aerators have become so common over the past several years. In fact, one of the best-selling aerators is named the Vinturi wine aerator. So what do these things actually do? The larger question is whether or not these little greatly promoted gizmos really do anything exceptional. Sometimes, marketing is over glorified and the item doesn't perform. So does this one?

First, you need to know that as wine breathes, it releases a myriad of flavors and aromas. Previously, wine connoisseurs were required to utilize the extremely time consuming process of using a decanter. This was to permit the wine have time to breathe outside of the bottle to ensure it would permit the full aromas and flavors to come through. However, this nifty new tool termed a wine aerator has eliminated the requirement for using the decanter process. By holding the aerator over the goblet and pouring the wine through it, the correct amount of air is mixed with the wine in just the correct amount of time.

This procedure results in a richer taste, a smooth finish and an overall improved tasting experience. Customers have reported excellent results using the Vinturi wine aerator. Their patent pending design speeds the process which ends up in an instant aeration of the wine. In truth, it simply takes as long as it does to pour a glass of wine as it will to have it aerated. You are able to do this quickly at your table in a restaurant or in your own home before having that glass of wine in front of the hearth. No longer do you have to wait for the decanter process.

The Vinturi wine aerator is made of acrylic and is 6 inches tall and 2 inches wide. You can actually clean it in your dishwasher and it comes with its own no-drip stand. Actually, it also comes with a travel pouch so that you can take it with you whenever you go to restaurants or events.

You can also purchase two aerators at once so that you have one for red wine plus one for white wine. Real wine lovers have realized that the decanter method takes too long and does not always have a great result. On the other hand, using an aerator provides instant delight and a regular outcome. - 31805

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