Several More Nutritious Food And Drink Alternatives

By Tim Donovan

Our health is everything in this world, and what we eat can play a major role in shaping the overall state of our bodies. Foods that are loaded with fat, sugar, or artificial substances all have negative effects on our health.

I've also started to feel more energy on a regular basis ever since I started eating organic foods. The benefits of this are clear to me, and I'd like to provide a few quick alternatives to the foods or drinks you're currently consuming that may leave you in a better position.

Did you know that ketchup uses high fructose corn syrup to give it a sweeter taste? You've probably never thought about this, but that explains why ketchup doesn't taste as bitter as an ordinary tomato would.

Instead, you'd be better off choosing organic ones that are sweetened with real sugar. While this isn't exactly healthy and nutritious either, it's a lot less unhealthy than the usual and it should be just fine when consumed in moderation.

Another place where the same holds true is with breads. Many loaves of bread would appear to be wholly organic but they contain high fructose corn syrup used as sweetener here too.

Avoid this by choosing organic breads that simply use sugar instead. Once again, a quick look at the ingredients will reveal everything that's inside and it's worth the extra few seconds spent learning about what you'll be eating.

My final recommendation applies to drinks. There are so many fruit drinks that give off the appearance of natural juice. You'd be shocked by how many people are fooled into thinking they're drinking something healthy when it's simply the opposite.

Always look on the bottle to see what percentage juice the drinks are. The ones that are in fact 100% juice will proudly advertise this somewhere on the label. - 31805

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