Can Training At The Phoenix Bartending School Be Beneficial?

By Jacob Biggs

Having the desire to become a bartender as your career can be fulfilled by attending one of the courses offered at the Phoenix Bartending School. They encourage anyone who truly has the desire to come join them and see what bartending is all about.

Bartending with a special touch is what you will find at the Phoenix Bartending School that prefers to give their students one on one hands on training instead of just lectures and books.

The atmosphere that the students at the Phoenix Bartending School will be that of an actual bar situation. Here they will sit and observe as their instructor mixes real drinks while giving them understandable directions. Once the students have experienced this up close type of training, they will then be immediately encouraged to start making their own drinks while their instructor oversees.

Making drinks is not what bartending is all about. Sure the majority of what they do is to mix drinks, but it goes hand in hand with knowing how to deliver good customer service as well. After all if a bartender continues to give great customer service there is no doubt that his tips will be immensely increased.

The Bartending Academy Association which is behind the Phoenix Bartending School was created in order to meet the increasing demand for those who are trained bartenders rather than have to hire someone off the street that might not know a thing about mixing drinks. The students not only learn how to make a variety of drinks they also must learn how to treat the customers right and how to spot a customer that needs to be stopped from drinking any more.

After the student is fully trained and ready to go, they will then do a follow up with the student and try their best to make sure that each student is placed in a job situation that best fits their job skills.

Not only will the students learn how to make around 150 different drinks they will learn the art of customer service and it is all done in an actual bar or lounge atmosphere.

On top of learning how to properly mix drinks and take care of the customer with courtesy they must also be certified in the State Alcohol Awareness program. This will guarantee that they know what to look for when it comes to alcohol and problems it can cause.

Every student who finishes their program at the Phoenix Bartending School is guaranteed that they can rely upon receiving job placement for life. If a student feels they have a need for some extra training, the school also offers free refresher courses.

Bartending can either be a career or you can go into it to help supplemental income. Either way, it's something that anyone beginning at the age of 19, in the state of Arizona can get training for. What makes it even better and more enticing is that to enroll in the program you don't even have to have a high school diploma.

Becoming a bartending can bring in anywhere from $300 to $800 dollars a week. This of course all depends upon where they choose to bartend and how good their overall customer service skills are. - 31805

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