Coffee Pods: Finding the Joy in a Single Cup

By Elliot Trevors

Not all people who are habitual morning coffee drinkers have to have several cups to get going into a daily routine. Some get up, brush teeth and hair, and want to reach for a single cup before heading out of the door. Often they have to brew a full pot in order to get that one cup, and the rest gets tossed whenever they return home from work. One-cup drinkers now have a solution that is less wasteful: coffee pods and single cup coffee makers.

Coffee pods often come in small, compact prepackaged round pouches that resemble tea bags. There are coffee grounds instead of tea leaves inside the pouch, though. Most coffee pods come with a coffee filter already including in the sealed pouch to prevent grains from getting to your cup and to keep freshness. You simply place a coffee pod into a single cup coffee maker, allow the water drip to brew through the pod and watch your coffee collect below the drip in a cup.

If you are an equal opportunity flavor taster, coffee pods give you a practical way to try lots of different kinds of coffee. The single cup coffee maker has already removed the act of having to brew an entire pot of coffee when you only want one cup. You can sip on a new flavor, and, if you do not like it, move swiftly to your next flavorful cup. All you have to do is simply take the coffee pod out of its special compartment in the coffee maker, throw it away and wipe away the residue. Then you are ready for a new flavor.

Environmentalists have been up in arms about the idea of having to throw away coffee pods and not reuse them. Single cup brewing has, for that reason, has not been labeled as a green act. Budget weary drinkers also worry sometimes about the cost per pod to drink coffee made in single cup coffee makers. Coffee pods are sold in 18 or 25-pack quantities and end up (after all the math) costing about 20 to 40 cents per cup. This is far more than the full pot costs per cup.

One other challenge that those who use single cup coffee makers find is not every coffee brand sells its coffee in pod quantities. Drinkers are limited to the brands and flavors that are offered in the individually prewrapped packages.

If you drink coffee alone most of the time, coffee pods and single cup coffee makers will be a blessing for you. You do not have to have the large family or big office pool to enjoy your single cup of coffee. You will only need your favorite cup, you favorite blend and a cool, calm resolve as you enjoy the art of sipping. - 31805

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