Kick Your Sugar Addiction With One Of These Alternatives

By Melissa Landry

I will be the first to admit that my addiction to sugar is basically as big as anybody's. I place myself on a weekly allowance in which a few times during the course of the week, I give myself permission to splurge.

Other than my sugar habit, I mostly stay quite healthy. This doesn't slow down my liking for sweet foods from going away though, & as a result, I regularly find myself searching for alternative methods to sweeten my snack or beverage.

The following are a few simple alternatives which you can be interested in having in place of sugar. Hopefully they will act to meet your fix as you keep the calories downyou curb your calories.

The 1st one which I'll name is one food which you will often find in foods, & we will by and large enjoy its sweetness. Honey is fully natural, and keeps things nutritious should you choose to use it as your alternative to sugar.

Whether or not you are adding it to foods or to beverages like iced tea, the pure composition of honey will provide you with a natural way to sweeten your foods.

One more approach you may pursue is through the addition of fruit extracts. For years, I've been drinking regular water whereas inserting a couple fruits into the water as I drink them.

This has less calories than juice and is wholly satisfying, and it's naturally sweet. Once you get into the habit of it, I could really tell you that you will probably notice yourself not wanting to return to sugar whatsoever.

It is flavorful & it is healthy, and there is not much that bests the two when combined along with one another

Finally, a replacement alternative has made its way into the world, & appears to be to be making an impression on lots of health and weight concerned people.

The all new Truvia is finding its place within the nutrition world, & it is derived from the natural stevia plant, making this an organic alternative compared to alternative typical processed sugar substitutes. - 31805

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