What The Heck Are Melitta Coffee Pods, And How Are They Better Than Those Other Brands Of Coffee Pods?

By Cathleen Perkins

Just like any other pods, Melitta coffee pods are just coffee grounds with small filters wrapped around them, designed for use in coffee pod brewers. There are a lot of different companies that produce coffee pods, and Melitta is one. Melitta also differentiates their pods a bit by calling them "javapods" instead of using the traditional name of "coffee pod".

Do Many People Use Melitta Coffee Pods?

Melitta coffee pods are pretty popular, and only the Senseo coffee pod is moreso. There is a big gap between them, though, with Senseo coffee pods being searched more than five times as often as Melitta. Number three is Tassimo coffee pods, which aren't actually coffee pods, but T-Discs, which are only usable in Tassimo brewers. It would be fairly reasonable to say that lots of people use Melitta coffee pods.

Can I Use Melitta Coffee Pods In My Pod Coffee Brewer?

The only answer to that is "probably". There are some weirdos out there, but for the most part, most pods can fit into most pod coffee makers, with some exceptions. Melitta labels their javapods as "Universal", which means that a coffee pod machine would have to be particularly odd for them not to fit. That being said, if you have ever had a pod not fit your pod coffee maker, then you'll probably want to stick with what currently works for you. Don't worry about the javapods name as far as fitting goes; it's just a name that Melitta uses to separate themselves from the pack. There are Melitta coffee pod machines on the market, but Melitta doesn't make them, just licenses the name for use. So, considering everything, there's no reason a Melitta pod wouldn't work in pretty much every brewer.

Is There Any Reason Why I Should Choose Melitta Coffee Pods?

Melitta's pods do come with a few advantages. Even though their pods will fit pretty much any coffee pod brewer, they contain more coffee in each pod than normal. This equates to a richer flavor as well as a stronger overall brew, which most people will prefer, though some might want to stay away from coffee that is stronger if they already twitch their way through the morning. Make a note of that: if you are wanting to try some new things, but also wanting to limit caffeine intake, then you will likely want to look at another brand. Another perk that Melitta coffee pods will give you is that they are wrapped separately in foil, which you would think would be the norm since the main draw of using the coffee pod is freshness, but this is not always so.

Does Melitta Make Any Other Pods?

Since coffee pod machines are, like regular coffee makers, capable of brewing things other than coffee, most makers of pods also produce things other than coffee. Melitta is no exception, as they also make a few blends of tea. Like the coffee, their tea pods should fit just fine in just about anything that is capable of brewing coffee pods. - 31805

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