Stove Top Coffee Makers - find out which maker size fits for your purpose

By Harley Peterson

The other name for a stove top coffee maker is macchinetta and they are an excellent, domestic use espresso coffee maker. It is derived by using the best quality coffee beans under thermal affect and water pressure. The end result is a wonderful brew of aromatic coffee. Its taste will linger in your mouth for quite some time.

There are various sizes and capacities of stovetop coffee maker available in the market these days. They range from single to dozen coffee cup capacities. Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to espresso makers. The double or triple cups capacity version is very handy for the travelers who can enjoy the best taste of coffee wherever they go.

Since, the stove top espresso maker is portable you can use it anywhere you like. Just supposing, you are out on a camp, then the coffee maker with less capacity is of great use. Imagine enjoying the aromatic brew of your favorite coffee in the midst of a forest.

When compared with other coffee maker models and sizes, the stovetop espresso maker with twelve cup capacity serves best for the domestic households with friends and families visiting frequently. This coffee maker allows you to prepare espresso coffee in just few minutes. This dozen cup size model maker could be a best choice at workplaces with small number of employees to make a tasteful aromatic espresso.

Usually, the espresso cup can hold up to 4 ounces but it is a custom to fill the cup partly to get that perfect flavor. By tradition, a single cup of espresso coffee served is about 1.5 ounces. The 6 cups stovetop espresso makers can make about 9 ounces of that delectable liquid.

To really enjoy the taste of an espresso coffee, you will need to prepare it in a particular way. Let as demonstrate how easy it is to prepare an excellent espresso coffee using the stovetop coffee pot.

Take off the top and bottom chambers of your stove top coffee pot. Remove the coffee basket below and fill the bottom chamber with water till the safety valve which is noticeable from the outside and inside of the lower chamber. Then replace the coffee basket inside the lower chamber and fill with fine grind coffee. Firmly fix both the chambers.

Place the stovetop coffee maker on the stove at a medium flame. Make sure that the flame does not shoot past the bottom of the coffee pot. Lastly, after a period of 4 to 5 minutes check if the upper chamber is filled. Once the upper chamber is filled, immediately remove the coffee maker from the flames and serve hot.

The stovetop espresso maker is sure to satisfy everyone's requirements since it is available in many sizes to choose from. When a traveler might select a single person coffee maker, small offices might want to opt for the one with twelve cups capacity. - 31805

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