Cocktail Party Ideas - My Top 10 Cocktail Party Ideas

By Charles Jackson

Cocktail parties were traditionally the early part of a dinner party where guests would gather in a separate room and drink themselves into a stupor. It has now evolved to become a theme party in its own right. You can hold your cocktail party for business clients, associates or friends and family.

Have a look at these following cocktail party ideas. I hope you get some fine suggestions, ideas and inspiration:

1. Your invitations could be in the shape of a cocktail glass cut out of cardboard. Try and fashion a straw and umbrella out of the card if you're good at crafts.

2. Consider hiring a professional cocktail maker if you're charging your cocktail party to the company. They provide great entertainment and are well worth the money!

3. Otherwise you could place several tables around the venue with the ingredients and instructions so guests can make up their own cocktails. This will provide great entertainment for everybody.

4. The best decorations you should go with would simply be black and white balloons.

5. If you have a budget, you could hire a butler.

6. For your music, the obvious choices would be Classical or Jazz. Particular favorites would be Bill Evans, Eddie Harris or Tosca.

7. For your food, consider hiring a waiter to serve on trays. Go for finger foods and go through the full range, lots of choice from hors d' oeuvres right through to desserts. Again, go for small size but lots of choice.

8. Finally the most important part of your cocktail party...cocktails!!! Make sure that you don't leave anything to chance, so over prepare for everything so that your guests are not disappointed. You will go through an enormous amount of the following; ice, glasses of all shapes and sizes, fruit for garnish, little umbrellas and straws.

9. The most popular cocktails will be the cosmopolitan, the dirty and many different variants which contain martini so stock up on martini. Also buy in plenty of champagne and wine as cocktails will not be to everybodys taste. Also don't forget soft drinks for the none alcoholics as well as mixers such as cranberry, orange, lime and lemon juice.

10. Remember that the whole point of a cocktail party is that it is supposed to be a classy occasion. A little extra expense will go a long way to make your party memorable, so you really should consider the extras such as cocktail makers, chefs, waiters, butlers, musicians or even a valet to park your guests cars. - 31805

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