Arabian Nights Party Theme Ideas - 9 Must See Ideas For Your Arabian Nights Theme Party

By Charles Jackson

For the Arabian nights party theme, you need to ideally produce the ambiance of being in the desert at nighttime. So in order to find out how to do this and find additional Arabian nights party theme ideas then have a look here.

1. The centerpiece of the Arabian nights party is the Moroccan Bedouin tent. In all honesty you really must have one of these tents or the event just won't have the same feel. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors and with a little exploration you ought to be able to rent one for a reasonable price.

2. The Bedouin tent ought to be made to feel authentically Arabian. The whole thing wants to be as dark as possible within, lit only by means of candles and lanterns. Ideally though, you should get loads of candles to generate a romantic sense.

3. Hang cut out crescent moons and stars on twine from the ceiling to create a wonderful effect.

4. You and your friends will be sitting on the floor. As a result, all the furnishings needs to be low. You should be sat on cushions and pillows on the floor. Obtain a giant rug for this reason as well.

5. Provisions must really be served from dishes kept on ground level.

6. It Arabian tradition to immerse ones fingers within scented water prior to meals. A bowl of water with a small amount of essential oil will do this!

7. Think about appointing a goat to tie up outside in order to create more effect and a chatting piece.

8. Think about having your Arabian nights theme party at the seaside in order to duplicate the desert.

9. For your invites, i'd get a cut out of Aladdin and write it on the back! If not you might maybe inscribe them on a samurai sword or you might fill a plastic bottle with sand and put the invitation inside. - 31805

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