Go Anywhere With A Battery Coffee Grinder

By Angie Walters

Tea is the number one drink in the world, but that is most likely due to its ease of travel. Because it is often found in bags it can go anywhere without sacrificing much, if any, taste. Coffee is also a large staple in the drink world and is heavily ingrained in many cultures. In America, coffee is drunk all day, but it is best known as a morning ritual. It is the drink that literally starts the day.

How to brew the perfect cup of coffee is the subject of countless articles and lists of rules - coffee drinkers can be a fussy group. There are, however, some static rules that for those that love coffee, are strictly adhered to. These include having the cleanest equipment, using the best water, not using boiling water, using the freshest beans, and of course, grinding your beans shortly before brewing.

Within these rules there are sub rules - the world of coffee drinkers can be as rigid and specific as a chemistry text book, but with the caffeinated results, the effort is part of the ritual.

The subject of grinding your own beans, however, isn't as much up for debate since it's well established that the result is a superior taste. Already ground grounds have lost the oils that are inherent in coffee beans and results in a lower quality of taste.

These oils go rancid and effect flavor, but with fresh grounds there is a more robust and full flavor to excite the palate. Grinders come in three main types, hand, electric, and battery operated.

While each has something to recommend them, battery coffee grinders have the most versatility. There is a truth that is acknowledged that everything seems to taste better outdoors. The best parts of camping can be the food and now that more and more people are discovering that they can have their comforts in the wild, battery coffee grinders are the choice for campers who want a freshly brewed, authentic cup of roasted coffee in the morning.

Also, these grinders are easy to clean, which makes them even more suited to stick to the "always keep your equipment clean" rule. They are as powerful as any other grinder and can make the ground that you desire: from 5 seconds to course, to 30 seconds to extra fine espresso grade grinds.

Whatever your preference and tastes, and wherever you are, a battery coffee grinder can go with you to help make your coffee to the standards you've become accustomed to. - 31805

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