How to be an Effective Bartender

By BJ Walker

Bartending isn't as easy as it looks. Most people think a bartender just stands behind a bar and serves drinks. While this may be true, there is so much more to this fun and rewarding job. A bartender must not only know how to serve a wide variety of drinks, but a bartender must be personable, attentive and he or she must make the customer feel as though they are the only one at the bar; even if they're not. That's how the best bartenders make the most money. You can make this kind of money, too, if you follow these tips on becoming an effective bartender.

Knowing Your Drinks

Have you ever been asked a bartender to make a drink and they have to go look it up? This happens more often than you think, and it's because the bartender lacks knowledge around his or her job. You have to be ready for anything so it's important to study your drinks accordingly. It can be anything from Margaritas, screwdrivers and Salty Dogs to Rum Runners, various Martinis or even Cuba Libres (which is just white rum and coke with an optional lime). Oh, and don't forget about the shots. Every now and again patrons will try to baffle you on purpose. Every bartender goes through it, so you should expect it. However, if there is something you don't know just ask the customer. After all, your employer will be happy you didn't waste any alcohol acting like you knew the ingredients. Plus this is a great way to break the ice and build a conversation.

Showing Your Personal Side

You want to be the customers' friend. A bartender that has no personality and just sits behind the bar taking drinks with a blank expression on his or her face won't make many tips. The bartender who's outgoing, funny, and likeable is the one who makes the most money. People look forward to ordering from a bartender like this, they feel as though they're special and they just have a better experience than if the bartender's a fuddy duddy.

Learn How to be Attentive for Everyone

One of the best tips any bartender can give another bartender is to be attentive. This means you cater to your guest's needs and still be personable at the same time. Granted, it also means make their drinks correctly, but most people head to the bar because they are trying to escape something. Maybe they just got laid off work, there are marital problems on the home front, or the day just didn't go as planned. If you understand this ahead of time, there are occasions where you're going to feel like a counselor. When you think about it, bartenders can be the best listeners if you're able to find one of the best. This alone can increase your tips tremendously.

These are just a few tips that will help you become the most effective bartender possible so that you can make the most money possible; which should be the goal of any person who chooses a career behind the bar. - 31805

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