See The Most Critical Things To Look For In An Acai Product

By Janet C Phillips

Acai berries have taken the diet world by storm. You can find a plethora of diverse acai berry products online and at health food stores. Since the genuine acai berry has one of the supreme nutritional profiles of any food ever found in nature, many products are trying to profit from on this little berry's great recognition.

Many fantastic products out there completely employ the innate nutritional value found in the acai berry. However, some products out there have utilized lesser processing methods. Consequently they will not give you the full nutritional benefits.

The acai berry is extremely perishable, for that reason it must be processed within 24 hours of leaving the tree or it loses most of its nutritional value. There are two main methods of processing these berries, a outstanding method and an mediocre method.

Freeze-drying is the choice manner of processing. The berries are removed from the tree and at once flash frozen and dehydrated. The result is a powder that closely maintains the original nutritional value of the real fresh fruit.

Acai berries are also processed using a spray-drying technique. Spray-drying uses heat, which compromises the nutrition and then it utilizes maltodextrin, a short-chained sugar starch, as a drying agent. Spray-dried acai berry is a intermingling of fruit and maltodextrin, rather than just the nutritious fruit.

A numberSome companies are also using the words "proprietary blend" on the label. This means that they are combining the acai berry with other inactive ingredients. It is not possible to know exactly how much acai berry you are receiving in a proprietary blend. There are products that tell you exactly how much acai berry is in the product, look for those first.

Other common ingredients that are included in lower products include magnesium stearate, maltodextrin, rice or silica. These are just filler and flowing agents and when they are included in the product they lessen the nutritional value of the product by reducing the amount of acai berry.

You may get great nutritional results from a quality acai berry product, so make sure that you get a product that utilizes freeze-dried whole fruit powder and the maximum intensity of the real fruit. - 31805

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