Is Caffeine At Night A Bad Idea?

By June Williams

Hands up who loves their caffeine boosts? Yep me too, I can't imagine a day when I won't consume my numerous cup of coffee to get me going in the morning and then sustain me throughout the day.

How many of us have spent long nights stuck in the office while we trawl our way through a particularly tough project? Too many of us to mention I'll bet, and not many of us can say that those caffeine boosts haven't helped us to get through it.

If you are busy late at night, or eating out, do you find it as hard as hard as me to resist a coffee? It really takes some will power!

Now you may be asking why I'm denying myself something that I enjoy so much, because of the experts, that's why. You know the ones; they tell us that drinking caffeine late at night will stop us sleeping.

Caffeine is supposed to hang around in our systems for anything up to ten hours. So on that premise; if you have your last coffee at 4 p.m it will still be there at 2 a.m. Although this open to debate depending on the individual and the fact that everyone's body acts differently without the caffeine boost.

I don' t know if you have ever notice, but those who take sugar experience what can only be described as a crash. The odd thing is that this crash might actually aid sleep.

Try this little test to find out where you stand. If you have your last caffeinated drink at 2 pm, try it at 3pm the next day, 4pm the day after that and so on. You will then know when you can have your last coffee and still be able to sleep.

Ensure that you do this gradually though; only by having that drink 30 minutes or an hour later per day. This makes sure that you get your cut off point without a sleepless night. - 31805

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