One Of The Most Important Pieces Of Equipment That Restaurant Chefs Can Purchase

By Sean C.R. Hess

Chefs are in consistent on-the-job danger. They use knives of all sorts, and can doubtless cut themselves handling sharp utensils as well. Then there are the ovens and burners, boiling liquids, steamy pots, and all kinds of other potential techniques to get burned. Annoyed purchasers are another worry for pro chefs - your customers have to be content so they will keep coming back. On top of all that, chefs also have to fret about standing on hard floors all day. Standing all day can be tough on the feet, ankles, knees, hips and back, so they need to be careful in their choice of mens leather clogs.

Standing all day without supportive, comfy shoes may cause permanent harm to your body. It might take years, but finally, chances are high that you will suffer from plantar fasciitis, varicose veins, joint pain or back stiffness. The majority of the conditions caused by standing on hard surfaces in unacceptable shoes are treatable, but why experience the agony to begin with if it can be avoided? Even if you're just beginning your career, choose your shoes for work conscientiously. You need chefs clogs that offer a firm foundation, plenty of support, enough cushion for comfort and a upper constructed of a protective material. Most states and organizations have safety rules, anyway, but when you look for shoes to wear to work, safety should be a high concern.

Kitchens nearly always have tile or concrete floors for simple clean-up. Those surfaces are indeed easy to wash, but they also are intensely slick when wet. Since dishes must be washed, pots of liquid moved, drinks prepared, ice dropped and the whole thing inevitably spilled, aside from the floor being mopped or washed constantly, kitchen floors will be wet at least part of the time. In the kitchen, a fall could be especially damaging. Imagine falling while cutting, then landing on a hard tile floor. Non-slip shoes are vital for folks who work in kitchens.

There are a few types of cook shoes easily obtainable in stores and on the internet. One popular brand that makes and sells a well known cook shoe is Dansko. Dansko cook shoes feature a non-slip bottom to keep you on your feet rather than sliding to an injury on the floor. They also have leather uppers so the head of your foot is protected from objects or hot liquids falling on them. The back of the shoe is stiff and supportive to give your foot stability and protection, and the lining is cushioned to provide comfort.

there are several other types of cooks shoes, but when you are shopping you should have a look for the fundamentals: comfort, support, protection, and a non-slip sole. Work can be difficult enough without adding physical discomfort to the equation. Keeping yourself healthy and agony free is one of the keys to a long and successful career in the kitchen. - 31805

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