Tea Glorious Tea!

By AJ Handley

Nothing beats a nice cup of tea, and in the UK over thirty five million cups of PG Tips are consumed every day, which is enough tea to fill six Olympic swimming pools ( I wouldn't want to swim in THAT though!).

Unilever, owners of PG Tips are set to launch their first UK dedicated tea vending machines in the UK, so there'll be even more places for you to get your tea from when your at university, at the shops or in a bus station.

Unilever are currently the world's largest tea, purchasing around 12% of the world's black tea supply, with the tea category currently worth over 500 million, and the company have a long history in innovation in this area, so there latest move is in keeping with this.

In the 1950's PG Tips launched the ground breaking Chimps tea party adverts, featuring chimps who became stars in their own right and we're featured in adverts for years after. Then in 1960 they made the bold move to launch tea in bags, which whilst initially met with reservation, quickly began to outsell loose leaf tea. Their latest innovation has been the introduction of the pyramid bags, jokingly dubbed the eighth wonder of the world.

As a thriving business, Unilever is about more than tea, and they currently have 400 brands food, personal care and home sectors globally and 35 in the UK, including Pot Noodle and Ben n Jerry's, and have built a reputation on developing household brands and affiliating themselves with the moral good.

They are hoping to offer a full vending package with the launch of their tea vending machines and have appointed Benders Paper Cup Company to supply bespoke PG Tips designed vending cups complete with lids in two volumes. - 31805

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