Alternative Sugar Substitute You Can Use

By Esther George

Everyone knows it's unhealthy to eat too much sugar, but sometimes, substitute sugar alternatives like aspartame or Splenda can cause their own problems. Yes, these things are not caloric, but because they are chemically based, some people can't tolerate them. In addition, it's not yet known just what long-term effects these sweeteners may have.

High fructose corn syrup, too, is undesirable in large amounts in your diet, but if you don't want to take the above mentioned chemical sugar alternatives, and you don't want to pile on the sugar or high fructose corn syrup when your sweet tooth hits, what's the alternative?

One of the best sugar alternatives from either regular sugar or chemical sweeteners is honey. Honey is natural; it tastes good and incorporates trace amounts of B vitamins, and has bactericide attributes in any case. The problem is that honey in its liquid form can be tricky to store. Although it never goes awful it can also crystallize thus possibly making it hard to utilize. And, let's face it. It can be sticky and messy to use too, potentially making cooking, baking, and mixing beverages an untidy business.

Due to these reasons, a great substitute sugar alternative that yet has a lot of honey's advantageous properties without the storing issues that come with honey is comes in the shape of organic honey crystals. Organic honey crystals supply the taste and sweetness of honey, but in a dry form which is straightforward to use and store. It is affordable as well as it's so simple to use and keep fresh.

How do you utilize organic honey crystals as a sugar substitute?

Just like crystallized sugar, organic honey crystals can be employed in no matter what you do, cook, beverage, etc. They stock just like sugar so there is no concern about having to own large tubs of honey for use. It is easy to assess on a one-is-to-one proportion just as you do with sugar. Organic honey crystals are acceptable for something you would ordinarily use sugar for and essentially just replaces sugar in cooking, baking and beverages.

A better alternative sugar

In addition, healthy organic sugars similar with organic honey crystals can be a wellness alternative to treated sugars even for type 2 diabetics when utilized in moderation. Naturally, anyone subjected to type 2 diabetes needs to confirm with their healthcare provider or doctor before utilizing this or any other type of sweetener. On the other hand, children under 1 year should not ever be given honey or organic honey crystals, since there is a small risk of acquiring food poisoning. However, this means anyone over the age of 1 year should be in place to utilize these and any other honey-based sweeteners without some chance of food intoxication.

Beyond all of this, though, using organic honey crystals as a sugar substitute simply gives you a great taste with honey sweetness, without all the fuss and muss. Easy to use and store, you can give your family great taste and even a little bit of nutrition besides with this sugar substitute. Give organic honey crystals a try and see if they don't make your life a little sweeter. - 31805

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