Looking For A Nutrition Tea To Change Your Life?

By Aoife Joyce

Are you aware of Green Tea being a superb nutrition tea? If so, are you still unsure about exactly what it is that makes its benefits so immeasurable? If you are among the many thousands who know of Green Tea, but do not know any specifics about its goodness, then keep reading, as you will soon find out some surprising specifics!

Green Tea, as well as Black Tea and Oolong Tea, were discovered in China over 4,000 years ago. They have all been consumed since then on a daily basis, mainly in the Far East, to both improve and sustain general health. It is only in recent years however, that the vast nutritional properties of these teas and the effects they boast on overall health have gained worldwide recognition as they rightly deserve. There have been immense quantities of both medical and scientific research studies completed, all in the attempt of gaining more understanding of the degrees to which these teas can impact your life. On the whole, studies to date verify that they have the ability to extend and noticeably advance ones vigour and natural life.

The core component in Green Tea that has given it its 'miracle tea' superiority are catechin polyphenols, distinctively epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). They are however more commonly known to most of us as antioxidants. What differentiates Green Tea as a nutrition tea from Oolong and Black Tea, is that during production Green Tea leaves are steamed, thus preventing the potent EGCG's from oxidization. However, fermentation is used with Oolong and Black Tea leaves, which converts EGCG's into other compounds. This fact gives Green Tea its prominence over all other teas.

Proudly holding 27% catechin polyphenols, Green Tea is confirmed to be 100 times more significant to you than its challenger Vitamin C and 25 times more precious than Vitamin E! You can now happily become a Green Tea convert on that piece of information alone!

Three Essential Health Benefits Of Green Tea You Did Not Know, Before Now... 1.Powerful as it is, EGCG effectively destroys cancer cells, at ALL stages of the illness! This is due to its ability to inhibit tumours from developing, eliminate tumour supporters, hinder chemical carcinogens and neutralize enzymes that yield cell construction. 2.In addition, these outstanding antioxidants lower LDL cholesterol concentrations in the blood, by affixing to the cholesterol droplets preventing them from becoming set to, for instance, the arteries linings. Furthermore, they deter blood clot development (Thrombosis), which in turn warrants prevention of strokes and heart attacks. 3.Electrons that are in an 'unpaired' state are called Free Radicals. Certain amounts are produced in the body naturally. Attributable to their 'free' state they are capable of harming cell membranes and as a result internal structures, allowing growth of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and also have the capacity of injuring DNA. In saying that, in frank terms, EGCG (antioxidants) has the remarkable ability of destroying Free Radicals!

After soaking up the main benefits above, you may now understand why for over 4,000 years Green Tea has been consumed as a nutrition tea for healing purposes with general well being, in countries throughout the Far East. After learning of how advantageous Green Tea can be to you, you may be prone to assuming that it will fail to bring a desired aroma, however differing from this, it actually delivers an exceptional zest and is wonderfully light and invigorating as compared with standard coffees and teas!

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