It's Not Only A Drink!

By Dennis Siluk Ed.D.

A liquid prepared for human consumption is referred to as a beverage or drink other than water. They are typically a substitute to water and are basically for quenching thirst, they're also a vital part of an individual's social and cultural life. Beverages can be of numerous types and are made using different ingredients. Types of beverages include alcoholic, non-alcoholic, soft drinks and hot and cold beverages.

Alcoholic beverages are one of the most popular sorts of drinks. It contains ethanol commonly referred to as alcohol that is its main constituent. Beer, whiskey, vine, vodka are few examples of such drinks. Non- Alcoholic beverages may refer to beverage contains no alcohol like apple cider and mocktail; or contains low volume of alcohol in broarder definition like non-alcoholic beer which might contain less than 0.5% of alcohol. Soft drinks include carbonated drinks and fruit drinks which are fruit based drinks with added preservatives. Drinks like cola, iced tea, lemonade, squash etc belong to this category. Tea and coffee are examples of hot beverages. These are prepared by heating the key ingredient with either water or milk.

Beverages are common among everybody irrespective of how old or young they are. Alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks are essential part of social gatherings. "Coke" or "coca cola" is one of the most widespread beverages in the world. It is a carbonated drink that is available in almost all over the world and has sold in over 200 countries. Popularly called coke, it was invented by John Pemberton and now made by the Coca Cola Company in Atlanta, Georgia. The concentrate is made by the corporate and is then sold to Coca Cola bottlers who are licensed to sell it all over the world.

Although it is biologically important to consume beverages for one survival and they form an essential part of the fundamental human culture regardless of the place. They're a variety of drinks available in different parts of the world which have their own individual flavor and taste.

For example tea prepared in china is very totally different from the way it's prepared in India. In India there's a variety in the type of tea that is available. India is one of the largest exporter of tea hence there are a variety of beverage supplier and exporters. It's also the largest consumer of tea in the world. It's grown in the northern and southern parts of the country with Assam growing the best quality tea. - 31805

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