Grow Wheatgrass From the Comforts of Your Own Home

By Dennis Ross

Wheatgrass juice is catching the interest of health enthusiasts because of the numerous health advantages it boasts of. Also, it is possible for you to grow your own wheatgrass from your own home because it is very easy to take care of. We will list down the steps on growing wheatgrass properly so that you will be able to prevent the destruction of molds.

If you want high-quality wheatgrass, you should go to special health stores because ordinary stores don't usually sell the seeds. Most people choose to buy their wheatgrass online and in rare organic health stores because they are assured of the quality. Once you have bought your seeds, it's about time to start knowing more about planting and growing wheatgrass.

To kick-start your experience in growing them, start soaking your seeds in water for eight hours tops. As the soaking period approaches, start preparing a 10x20 seed tray with a depth of not more than 2 inches to give your wheatgrass room to grow. After this, you can now start adding damp compost, peat moss, and a highly-recommended organic grower that will speed up your plant's growth.

Next step would be draining and rinsing the seeds twice. Scatter the seeds around the soil but not far from each other; let them have close contact without really coinciding to let them grow well and freely. The peat moss shouldn't be too moist so that it won't hinder your grass by acquiring molds.

Lightly and sparsely water your soil bed to start the response between the moss and the seeds that are already beginning to grow, make sure you give the seeds equal sprinkles of water. Your growing seeds should not be too wet but make sure they are also not too dry. To make sure your grass is growing well, continue to check on these important aspects.

Next, the tray should be covered with another tray or if possible, a bubble wrap or a moist used newspaper to keep it protected from outer harmful particles. Shedding your tray seals the moisture necessary to grow your grass well and prevents it from completely drying up or from growing unnecessary molds. Normally, the grass are already inches in height after three days.

As your growing grass gets taller, it is time for you now to uncover it and let it receive massive amounts of indirect sunlight to speed up its growth. Indirect sunlight is preferred against direct sunlight because the latter dries the soil's moisture quickly, therefore stopping the growth. The sunlight will cause the sprouts to grow chlorophyll, making it look healthier and greener than the yellow, dull look when it first appeared.

Once your wheatgrass grows at around 7 inches, you may harvest it because that is their optimum stage when it comes to their health contents. Use an ordinary scissors or kitchen knife in doing this to ensure the continuity of your growing wheatgrass and after this, cut and clean your harvest well before you start juicing so that you will have a fulfilling glass of wheatgrass juice in no time. Join the others who have experienced the goodness of wheatgrass and get a glass now! - 31805

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