Timothy's World Coffee - How a Great Company Got It's Start

By Joe Wilson

Popular in the world all over is the drink called coffee. Generally known as Arabica and Robusta in the market today. One of the finest brewers is Timothy's Coffee. If you are jetsetter, a cup of coffee every morning could really pep you up.

Established in 1975, the Snelgroves, Teresa and Timothy of Ontario, Canada began retailing premium roasted coffee derived from special quality coffee beans. To the satisfaction of their consumers, the company offers the best cup of coffee suited to the choosy taste of every drinker. Their secret lies in the mastery roasting of their specialty beans.

Ian and Becky Mckinon obtained the company in 1986 and created a wholesale coffee division. The move gave way to a wide retail expansion all over Canada. This marked the beginning of Timothy's Coffee and Keurig Coffee Brewers partnership.

It then evolved as the No.1 roaster partner offering the single serve K cups coffee. On the other hand, Keurig produce a wide selection of single serve brewers. Coffee machines, single brewers and makers production became part of the business partnership.

The company produces its own coffee beans that delivers freshness and perfection in the art of roasting coffee beans. The best 5% of high grade Arabica beans are selected for Timothy's roasting. The perfect art of roasting the beans create the desired color, flavor, aroma and taste delicately suited for coffee drinkers.

The technique of cupping ensues to perk up the flavor of the coffee following production of a perfect roast and ground coffee beans. The process is conducted in small quantity ground and cupped to guarantee flawlessness.

The critical stage to Timothy's roasters is securely containing the freshness. Coffee exposed to air become stale losing its flavor and aroma. Right after roasting and grinding, the coffee is packed in a one way valve bag avoiding the loss of freshness and flavor.

Timothy's main purpose is roasting perfection of coffee beans. Its approach to roasting goes to a lot of scientific tests with every quantity of coffee beans to be perfectly roasted.

The expansion of Timothy's Coffee reached to the United States. It obtained a named brand coffee, "Presidential No.44" in honor to Obama's visit to Canada. Now it engages its business solely in Canada and overseas. - 31805

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