Hazards that may open the way to diabetes

By Antoinette R. Wallace

Diabetes is one problem which will happen to any one irrespcetive of their age or gender. However, There are some factors that can put you at a bigger likelihood of developing the issue. Make sure we know these risk factors and how they can contribute to the development of diabetes.

One of the most prominent risk factors for type 2 diabetes is obesity. If you are obese then you're at a bigger chance of developing diabetes. This is as fat interferes with the production of insulin in the body.Increased weight increases the insulin resistance and hence hikes the sugar levels in the body. So, it becomes vital that you take steps to keep your weight to an ideal level. Eat a balanced diet and luxuriate in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity everyday.

Sedentary lifestyle is another risk factor for diabetes. Your blood sugar levels are bound to be low if you are physically active. Also, muscle cells have more insulin receptors in comparison to fat cells. So, when you exercise, the insulin resistance of your body decreases. This stabilises your blood sugar levels. Besides, insufficient activity or a leisurely way of life lifestyle is one of the prime reasons behind obesity, which in turn increases the risk of diabetes.

Unhealthy diet habits is the biggest reason when it comes to causes of diabetes. Anyone who eats in an improper manner is more susceptible to diabetes than a person who is more disciplined in dieting habits. One unsuitable habit is to eat too much sugar and carbohydrates. Your blood sugar goes up because these products can be digested easily. A common example is junk food which has to be replaced with a more fibrous diet.

Adding to the list of risk factors for diabetes is family history. Genetics has a big part to play in determining whether you may encounter the problem of diabetes or not. You are more likely to battle with diabetes if your mom and pop too suffer from it. It has been noted that such inborn factors are in command of making many First northern Americans and African-Americans have diabetes.

There are several other things as well that increase the possibilities of diabetes. A few of these elements include high cholesterol levels, history of gestational diabetes, age and such like. While a few of these risk factors such as family history and genetics are unavoidable, there are others that you have control over like your diet and weight. It is in your best interest to control the risk factors you can and avoid the incidence of diabetes in the 1st place. Naturally, prevention trumps cure. - 31805

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