Do You Know About "Eating for Energy?"

By James B. Hussey

Have you heard about these raw food eating plans? It's gaining popularity and buzz, and not simply to drop some weight, but a diet for a tremendously healthy life. We eat so much in the way of processed food that we don't even hesitate to wonder at what we're actually eating, and how far we've fallen away from our healthy and all-natural roots.

Eating for Energy is a way of eating food in its healthiest and most unprocessed form. There are several wise rationales for why this is a good idea. When processing or cooking food can destroy the basic nutrients from the meal. Consider some of the common sense you've heard about during your lifetime, such as: If you cook pasta just to the al dente (or medium) stage, it will have more calories, yes, but it will have more of the nutrients in it than if you cooked it to a well-done stage. Maybe you recall hearing not to peel carrots or potatoes very deeply, because most of the nutrients and values are just under the surface.

This diet means eating "naked," raw, organic, whole foods, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, dried fruits, seaweeds, etc. It means a diet that is at least 75% raw! Cooking destroys flavor and nutrients from veggies and fruits. A raw food diet means eating more the way our great-great-great grandfathers and mothers did. They didn't cook often, and certainly didn't cook or process fruits and vegetables. They ate them RAW. Their water wasn't from a tap; it was natural spring water. Maybe they drank some coconut milk on occasion.

For a moment, before you think the author of this article has gone bananas, just picture the thousands of grease traps under every restaurant in America alone. Imagine that's your arterial wall instead! Is a stroke a part of your future? What about the big "C?" This isn't manipulation, this is your health: get a newspaper or ezine and read about the rising statistics on obesity, diabetes, cancer and all the other dire ailments. Do you think it may have a thing to do with a poor diet? "Eating for Energy" is a way out of the madness, a path toward real change in your health.

Doesn't it just seem right that this is how our bodies were created to eat? It's a way of eating that's in harmony with our design and in harmony with our own metabolisms. Our bodies were meant to work, and need to work to be efficient. That means exercise, certainly, but it also means eating wholesome, natural foods that require more energy to digest them. - 31805

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