Why Vinyl Table Covers Are the Way to Go

By Alex Oakley

Who doesn't want to dine in style? I know that I do, which is why my wife is constantly trying to improve the look and feel of our home kitchen.

Since we place such a value on style in this department, the importance of getting an optimal table covering is as high as anything else in the room. While I happen to like the vinyl tablecloth most, I can say this based on experience. Let's look at some of the reasons that I feel this way.

I should probably begin this discussion by pointing out some of the things that a typical tablecloth leaves you worrying about. For one, they'll stain very frequently. If you have a white cotton table covering, for example, a wine stain could easily ruin it.

Many stains can thankfully be removed, but only after a tedious process that might involve taking your tablecloth to the dry cleaners, or hand washing it after applying some special solution. No one wants to deal with these things, especially when there are extra expenses involved.

Any household that has young children knows very well how often stains can occur. Even homes without kids are bound to get the inevitable drink spill. Something like a drop tomato sauce would usually end up ruining our tablecloth in the past.

In the world of vinyl, I've never had to have my tablecloth dry cleaned, and I've never had to have it delicately washed with special instructions. Usually, some good old fashioned soap and water will do the job.

Additionally, the surface of these objects are usually thick, making it extremely difficult for spilled drinks to seep through the surface of the covering and onto the table. This provides a solid layer of protection to your table.

As for the tugging children issue, there's no need to worry here. By going with a fitted vinyl tablecloth, you can easily avoid the risk of spillage that comes with your traditional table covers. - 31805

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