An Unhealthy Mind And Body Can Lead To A Bad Relationship!

By Mike Rollins

Having an unhealthy body due to lack of exercise and poor eating habits can affect your life in many ways. Can it also affect your love life?

When you begin a relationship with somebody, you desire it to endure as long as possible. A healthy relationship can help you achieve that. In order to have a strong and happy relationship with somebody, you want to possess a healthy body and mind.

How do you make a relationship healthy and happy? A healthy mind is when you have a secure self-esteem and confidence about who you are and what you want out of life. A healthy mind gives you independence so that you trust in yourself to get things done and do not become co-dependent on your mate.

An unhealthy mind is when you have very little self-esteem and self-confidence. The lines of communicating become absent because you recede into your own world and just look to your mate for direction in your life, which puts a burden on your lover.

A healthy body is when you take care of yourself. You make an effort to maintain a healthy weight and you care about your appearance and how you feel on a daily basis. You do not smoke or drink or do anything that would induce damage to your body over time.

You exercise on a regular basis to keep your heart in tip-top condition and eat a sensible diet, splurging now and then as a reinforcement. Your attitude is positive which makes your mate want to spend time with you.

An unhealthy body is when you don't take the time to exercise or care enough about yourself to take care of your body. You smoke or drink more than you should and let yourself go. You eat junk food most of the time and your waist is inflating.

Since you do not care about yourself, you do not try to work out or do things that would keep your heart strong. Your mental attitude is bad, making your relationship collapse because your mate no longer wishes to spend any time with you. You can not fault him or her because if you can not even love yourself, why should your partner?

Once your mind and body are in sync with each other, you can acquire a positive attitude, which keeps the line of communication going with your mate. It lets you to listen to them and helps you support them if they need it. You are more likely to do whatever it takes to keep your relationship in first-rate shape so that it continues to mature. - 31805

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