The Benefits Of Joining A Wine Club

By Ernest Espino

There was a quote made famous by Galileo Galilei that said "wine is light, held together by water". Wine enthusiasts gather in wine clubs to have a great experience in sharing and exploring wines . Many get excited in going to wine clubs which can be found everywhere just to see their fellow devotees. Here they meet up and celebrate this indulgence that the world has known for a long time. The procedures start first with wine tasting then sharing of the latest information about the new developments in the wine industry, the technology and gadgets regarding wine production. After that, there is a monthly offering of wines that are carefully selected from the worlds finest.

It can be difficult to know exactly which wine to buy or seem intimidating to step out of one's comfort zone and explore different wines. For those not familiar with wine clubs joining one may seem a bit intimidating. However one need not be an aficionado to join a wine club . As mentioned above, the primary purpose of a wine club is to provide members with a selection of wines on a monthly or quarterly basis along with wine related information. Often this selection is themed based (reds, whites, etc). Therefore wine clubs can be useful to those who aren't sure how to buy wine serving as a crash course in the world of wine. For those with developed taste a wine club membership can be a great way to taste wine from all over the world that might otherwise be difficult to procure with extensive travel.

It's tempting to think of wine clubs as a group of wealthy old men gathering in a dark paneled room wearing velvet robes, sipping wine, and discussing global politics. However in today's world this simply isn't the case. The wide variety offered in the wine club world includes online wine clubs. For those that find it difficult to buy wine online an online wine club is a great alternative. Online wine clubs offer the resources of a traditional wine as well a selection of wines shipped to members on a regular basis. While traditional wine clubs are great ways to meet with other wine lovers in the area, online communities are also a great forum to bring people from all over the world together. While it may be hard to buy wine from certain wineries because of their location and the inablity of most wineries to distribute globally, online wine clubs can serve as global exchanges for the wine market. It's never been easier to find local specialties from local wineries because of the ability to buy wine online through a wine club.

The price of a membership for a wine club can vary greatly from the cost friendly club focused on bargain wines to the expensive club offering exclusive wines. The typical factors that determine the price a wine club membership include the type of wines offered coupled with the number of bottles members receive monthly, quarterly etc More expensive wines obviously result in a costlier membership as is the case with the more bottles received from each selection. Wine club that offer monthly selections usually ship 1-4 bottles, while a standard quarterly selection is 2-12 bottles. Wine clubs focused on bargain wines typically select lower end wines. Such wines clubs can cost under $20/month. Moderately priced wine clubs can cost anything from $20 per month to a couple hundred dollars depending on how exclusive the wines offered are. For those connoisseurs with sophisticated wine taste and looking to try the world's most valued wines membership can cost $500/month and up.

Giving someone a wine club membership could be a wonderful present. It can be best for a friend or a family member and even to your own self. One of the benefits of being a member of a wine club is having a deeper knowledge in determining which wine to buy. The task of finding the right wine will become more enjoyable too. Though it is not possible to go to every part of the world just to taste all the wines that you want, it is still time consuming and very expensive. Online wine clubs makes it possible for you in the comforts of your own choosing. Online wine clubs paves the way to an incredible experience for novice members to the most avid fans. - 31805

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